Technology: Wireless data devices

The mobility of our society is increased over the past few years thanks to wireless data devices. Not anyone who calls his own a laptop today has purchased it for reasons of prestige but because he wants it anywhere, anytime work. For this purpose, he uses most of the Internet to obtain either new data or to send existing data. Not to forget all the people who live in areas that are not yet sufficiently supplied with DSL today.

You can use an external UMTS data card to surf the internet

Anyone who owns a laptop without built-in UMTS modem, you can use an external UMTS data card to surf the internet. The new data cards are provided almost exclusively for the Express Card expansion slot. Some vendors sell the Express cards with adapters, so you can use these cards in older laptops.

Who wants to be mobile?

Alternatively, there are now also UMTS USB sticks in the offer, as opposed to laptop cards but not (almost completely) disappear in the unit, so that the risk of entanglement with this modem type cannot be excluded. Who wants to be mobile often with his laptop on the go and do not bother with external devices, should be concerned about the purchase of a new device with integrated modem thought.

Significant differences in quality of wireless networks

Mobile Internet /and in this context good internet connections/ depends not only on the price and the hardware, but also on the quality of the network. Who puts a high value on mobile accessibility, should therefore pay attention to the degree of expansion of UMTS networks, the network operator.

Quality differences in relation to the introduction of new technologies

Quality differences are not only in the UMTS network coverage, but also in relation to the introduction of new technologies such as HSDPA or HSUPA, which provide fast surfing speeds in the UMTS network.

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